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Benefits of Solar Cooking

There are many benefits of cooking in the sun - no matter what your goal.

It is hard to know where to start with the benefits of solar cooking. Whether you are trying to save money, stay healthy, preserve time, protect the planet or get better cooking results.

A word of caution though - the results for each of these goals will depend on the solar cooker you use or buy.

For instance, if you are trying to save money, buying a device that doesn't perform will lead to you not using it as much, cutting down your savings. Likewise a cheaper unit may be attractive, but if it only lasts 5 years, the savings will be a lot less than a device that lasts for 20 years.

Similarly, a solar cooker that doesn't perform well or is hard to use, may take you more time, give less consistent results and may even be made out of toxic materials making more environmental impact.
As time goes on, with the degradation of vital nutrition in raw foods, it is becoming more and more important to retain whatever goodness we can from our foods. Solar cooking is one of the best ways to cook - vital nutrition is not lost. The even temperatures and solar radiation preserves what your body needs keeping you healthier.

A good quality solar cooker has obvious, long lasting benefits. Many are made with quality, natural materials and designed to last for decades. All this leads to carbon free cooking for years to come.

After the initial outlay, an effective solar cooker will be able to reduce your energy bills dramatically. With some of the better commercial cookers you can gain 4 times the value of the device of the item over the course of it's life.

Food cooked in a solar cooker tastes better both in flavour and texture. Flavours are kept, the juice is retained and the food comes out more succulent.

Many of us could never live without our solar cookers! Set it up, put the food in and then do whatever you really want to do. THe food is cooking on it's own while you are being productive - or enjoying yourself,,,heaven forbid!
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